A Travel Bucket for Retreat Visitors

Visitors who arrive at your retreat are generally viewed with suspicion and your goal is to move them out as soon as possible. With your limited provisions strangers are usually not welcome to stay however it is often difficult to send them away empty hand especially if children are involved. The humane thing to do would be to offer them some meager supplies and bits of food and water and than see them off. About a year or so ago I had heard mention of someone creating what they termed a Travel’s Bucket. The idea has since remained in my mind and I thought I would pass it on at this time.

Often we can find the five gallon plastic food grade buckets with the wire grip handles at little or no cost. When I acquired mine I got them from my local SAM’s club and they were especially glad to provide me with as many as I could cart off. They previously contained cake icing and so they were assured to be of food grade quality. Another of my local sources was a donut shop who offered them for sale at $1.00 each. Many restaurants carry them as well and would be more then glad to set you up with a few dozen. It seems that there certainly is no shortage of these useful buckets in my area.

The object of the Travel bucket is to gracefully tell unwanted guests to move on when they arrive at your retreat. Your bucket could be composed of an assortment of small items that would prove useful and perhaps an assortment of ready to eat foods. Included in your bucket could be a bar of soap, combs, a tooth brush and some toothpaste and your basic foods. Your Travel Bucket won’t be elaborate but it should do what it is intended to do and that is provide your visitors with some supplies to continue on their journey.

Additional items you could place in the bucket include several cereal packets, some dry soup packets, a few chocolate milk packets, and an assortment of canned meats, a package of crackers and some hard candy. Don’t forget to add some small bottles of water in the bucket as well.

Along with water you may wish to add a miniature first aid kit and a solar blanket both of which can be obtained at the Dollar Tree store. Most items used in the bucket can readily be purchased at your local dollar store so as not to place a burden on your survival budget.

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